And then, I die.


And then, I die.

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{INTERVIEW} [13.05.13] B1A4, "Someday we will adjust to ti-rector (Tiger director)"


B1A4 raced like a high speed train. After releasing their debut album “Let’s Fly” in 2011, it was their music that clearly marked their individuality in a short time. “Bling Girl” included in B1A4’s first EP was their first self composed song and they consistently got involved in writing and composing for their albums. Most importantly, the songs composed by the members created their own colors. Their first full length album “Ignition” which was lead by leader Jinyoung’s self composed “Baby I’m Sorry” as its title track was an album that established B1A4’s style. Also, from their previous album “In The Wind”, it was possible to sense that B1A4 wasn’t an “incompleted talent” but a boyband that is heading towards their completed form. B1A4 can say that the standard of their growth comes from their musical success and they are one of the few possible domestic idol groups. Of course, pressuring their girlfriend who is cheating on them from their latest song “What’s going on?” surely makes them look like young boys. However, watching them talk about their serious musical concerns throughout the interview made them look more mature than any reporters.

Q. Comeback with 4th EP “What’s going on?” - how do you feel about your return with a new album?

CNU: While promoting as “B1A4” we periodically reset ourselves. When we are preparing for our comeback with a new album, we have a conversation time with members and we settle to go back to our original intention. Right now we look forward to know how our fans will feel about our songs.

Baro: It’s a comeback after 6 months but I personally feel like we are meeting our fans after a year. It feels like I’m meeting my seperated friends after a long time? The thought of seeing our fans from stage makes my heart flutter.

Jinyoung: I’m looking forward to see how the result of each member’s effort and concern would be accepted.

Q. Please tell us about the title track “What’s going on?”.

Jinyoung: If our previous song “Sleep Well Goodnight” was a story about a cute playboy who is secretly cheating on his girlfriend, “What’s going on?” is about being surprised after witnessing his girlfriend cheating on him. There is this line-“What’s going on? On such beautiful day?” and “On such beautiful day” means the anniversary of the couple. He sees his girlfriend cheating on an anniversary day, a day when he was planning to do something special. Genre-wise, it’s a hip hop beat combined with rocktronic. By using real instruments it has an overall strong rock sound gives off bright vibes but by emphasizing string, it gives off bright vibes.

Q. Was this title track composed and written by Jinyoung?

CNU: “What’s going on?” was written, composed and arranged by Jinyoung.

Jinyoung: “Good love” was composed by myself and the lyrics were written by CNU and Baro. The direction of the song changed a lot after discussing with members. I think we create the song together.

Q. Wasn’t the first full length album “Igniton” that really showed B1A4’s style? Songs composed by Jinyoung started to win the important points as well. With previous album “In The Wind”, it took a great growth.

CNU: Jinyoung began composing since our first EP. Of course, we do take songs from famous composers. But the members certainly worry about composing music that fits B1A4, I think it represents our thoughts really well. We never planned to focus our promotion with our songs. I think by including Jinyoung’s song from our first EP “Let’s Fly”, we have been building our colors in a calm and orderly way.

Q. If you could pick your favorite song from the new album “What’s going on?”?

Baro: I like “Good Love” which was composed by Jinyoung hyung.The reason why I’m attracted to this song is because I can feel his sincerity more compared to other songs composed by Jinyoung hyung, Jinyoung hyung said when he was busy with filming his drama and felt like throwing everything away, he forgot about everything and got lost in his memories when he was composing this song. When he’s composing our title track, he should think about our color and concept but “Good Love” is a track which you can listen easily because you can feel the earnestness.

Sandeul: “Yesterday” is a song about guys regretting about the mistakes they make while they are in love. Right now, I’m not romantically involved with anyone but I tried to sing by empathizing the emotions of that situation.

CNU: “Starlight’s song” is a song that was recorded long time ago. When we were recording this song for the first time, I was obsessed by the pressure so I remember singing it enthusiastically but afterlistening to it again after a long time, I thought that I sang pretty well so the feeling was different. I like the lyrics written by Baro too.

Q. Jinyoung is performing enthusiastically as Gong Mingyu in tvN drama “She is WOW”. Did other members enjoy watching?

All: It was great! Very funny.

CNU: We watched the first episode together. Since it’s a slightly rated drama, it has adult material. Jinyoung did wonders with embarrassing scenes. While we were watching the first episode, Jinyoung came back after completing his work. It was dumbfounding to see the real Jinyoung after watching the drama. Is that the Jinyoung we know? The character of Gong Mingyu was an image we couldn’t see from Jinyoung.

Q. CNU appeared on sitcom and Sandeul has experiences from musical. As actor seniors, did you give advices to Jinyoung?

Sandeul: Getting along with other actors at the location is most important. When I was doing the musical, acting was very hard because it was my first time. I was thinking that I shouldn’t become a burden to other actors and that was the biggest pressure. I guess Jinyoung hyung might had difficulties with those things too?

Jinyoung: The members with experiences are definitely different. Stories told by CNU and Sandeul after coming home from filming locations helped me a lot. Sandeul played the opposite role when I was practicing the script.

Sandeul: It was horrible to play father, mother, Yoo Nan Hee, other character and 4~5 roles all by myself. But Jinyoung hyung was serious. (laughs)

Baro: When we went to South East Asia to perform, other members played at the swimming pool during our free time but Jinyoung hyung and Sandeul were practicing the scipt in the room. It felt great to see them practice.

Sandeul: Jinyoung hyung locked the door so I couldn’t go out.

Q. While recording the album, is Jinyoung very demanding when other members are singing or rapping?

Baro: Jinyoung hyung considers the tone of narrations in songs extremely important. When we were recording the narration part “Hey, you, honestly tell me who it is” of our title track “What’s going on?”, I had to say “Hey” for more than 100 times. When I was saying “Hey” inside the booth, Jinyoung hyung kept on telling me to do it again.

Sandeul: But watching him directing outside the booth, each and everything sounded different. I feel like going crazy when Jinyoung hyung tells me to sing again when I’m singing inside the booth. It was really difficult at first but I realized it was really different when I watched from outside. So I understood why Jinyoung hyung was torturing us. (laughs)

Baro: Jinyoung hyung’s nickname is “Tiger director”. Ti-rector!

Jinyoung: I ask other memebers to try directing. To try. It really helps a lot when you try directing yourself. There is a chance to think about the song in the composer’s view point. You think that you have created the song and think about the overall harmony of singing and rapping. Powerful voice is important in singing but I think the sense of keeping the song alive is more important. I think by trying to direct, it really helps you to build those senses.

Q. 2 years have passed since B1A4’s debut. You are growing at a rapid speed. If you could accomplish something through this album, what could it be?

CNU: We are still rookies. We are in a process of finding our music. We still have a long way to go. We want to receive love from more people with this album. Especially noona fans, we want to gain love from 20~30 females.

Sandeul: We worried a lot about all songs. We wanted to create an album that people will like listening to all our songs and not only our title track. I wish our fans would like all tracks.

Baro: Our members became more attractive this time. We want to show our hidden charms to more fans.

Jinyoung: I only want to let our fans listen to our music soon. We really tried hard to return for the fans who have waited for us. I still feel that we haven’t fulfilled the things that we want to do. I want to work together with our fans fast and fill in the remaining.
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